Robotic Finishing

What is Robotic Finishing?

Robotic = 6-axis articulated arm to perform a manual task automatically.

Finishing = deburring, polishing, profiling, bl ending, creating radius, chamfer, etc.

AV&R Aerospace completed its first fully automated Robotic Finishing system in 1997. Today, the completely automated systems perform complex machining operations such as profiling, deburring, polishing, grinding, buffing, flash removal, trimming and cutting.

Deburring Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) Blade

Robotic Finishing is more than finishing a part. Indeed, to ensure quality and repeatability, the system has to be able to adapt itself to the part and process variability. AV&R Aerospace uses different tools to obtain robust and precise results such as force feedback, active compliance, laser sensor, vision system, adaptive machining, closed-loop machining, Leica calibration, probing, etc.

Lean design, user-friendly interface and off-line programming allow the customer easy use of AV&R Aerospace's systems without needing any robot programming knowledge.


Before-After Dove Tail Deburring

Here are some benefits of acquiring Robotic Finishing systems:

  • Direct reduction of labour costs;
  • Improved quality and consistency by eliminating human subjectivity;
  • Improved ergonomics and safety;
  • Increased throughput;
  • Reduce abrasive cost (up to 75%);
  • Ability to handle multiple part types with fast changeovers;
  • Easy new parts training;
  • Integrated dust collector;
  • Inspection and validation;
  • Small floor spaces.

Automated Challenges Overcome

With its advanced offering in Robotic Finishing, AV&R Aerospace can achieve the desired level of finishing despite technical challenges associated with automated production. For example, we can handle:

  • Part dimensional variation;
  • Size of burs variation;
  • Hard-to-reach areas and corners;
  • Zero margin of error;
  • Very precise tolerances;
  • Etc.